The PoSWallet Team

The idea behind came to the admin when he first started exploring the cryptocurrency universe - more than half of the posts on the forums at the time were questions on how to compile/run the wallets. A single place where everyday folks could invest in altcoins would help bring cryptocurrency to the masses. He has 20 years of programming experience, originally focused on PHP and SQL backends.

The biggest problem with cryptocurrencies is that most people have no idea how to get started - PoSWallet gives the average internet user a chance to store and stake alt coins.

Leader Coder Guy - 2016

Cryptocurrencies supporter, specializing in investments, analysis, trading and promoting. He came in touch with bitcoin in 2012 and since then he was excited by this new technology and became a way of life. He is also the Founder of, with which we have close cooperation, being the most appropriate on the cryptocurrencies marketing and promotion.

To get rich, you have to be making money while you're asleep.

David Bailey

Crypto Trader, Crypto Investor, Crypto enthusiast. It started as a hobby 4 years ago and didn't take much time before it started get into me and becoming a significant part of my life. Now it's my full time job and it's a great honor to be a member of the POSWallet team!

The second programmer for the PoSWallet team. Focusing on user experience and our mobile applications. Programming is more than just a job, it's a lifestyle.

Been investing in cryptocurrency since 2015 and have developed a very strong passion for it ever since. Outside of working on poswallet, I am currently studying electrical engineering with an emphasis in power generation.

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

Warren Buffet
PoSW Coin Wallets

PoSW Exchanges
POSW Coin Information
Abbreviation - PoSW
Algorithm - Scrypt (PoW/PoS)
Available Supply - ~28,000,000
Max Coin Supply - 70,000,000
Coin Maturity - 20 blocks
Stake Rate - 1%/year
Target Spacing - 64s
Confirm Count - 10
Min Stake Age - 8hrs
Max Stake Age - none
Recent PoSW Exchange Pricing
0.00000830 BTC
0.00000862 BTC
0.00000860 BTC
0.00000861 BTC
0.00000950 BTC
0.00000885 BTC
POSW Monthly Earnings
January 2017
February 2017